+ About Us

Remarkable Marketing is an innovative agency that combines technology and creativity to generate remarkable results.

We strategically combine traditional media with the power of new technologies to better reach the targeted market and meet our clients’ business objectives. We are a team of experienced creatives, strategists and technology experts.

Remarkable Marketing founder and President Richard Saad has more than 10 years of experience on the international market. Richard has won prestigious industry awards and has worked on major accounts such as Pepsi, Audi, Cadillac, IKEA, Gulf Bank, Yellow Pages Group, Bombardier, Jobboom and many more.

General Manager Caroline Pelletier has many years of experience leading accounts such as Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) and Lowe’s. Caroline has also managed social media programs for companies such as Pepsi Canada and has worked as a content manager at Yellow Pages Group.
Our team members are passionate and have on average seven years of experience in their particular fields of expertise. Each Remarkable Marketing team member is involved in one way or another in working on our clients’ projects, be it on the user experience, functional or graphical level.


+ A Day with Us

cups of coffee a day We highly recommend the Colombian

languages spoken per day French, English, Spanish, Arabic and German

jokes a day 2% of them actually funny

hours of work per day 99.9% of them productive

phone calls per day 74% clients, 25% suppliers, 1% boyfriends & girlfriends

meetings per day I am available tomorrow

songs a day Try Grooveshark !

photos taken per day Why do the French insist on taking pictures of snow?

hours per day branstorming Including all-nighters

hour lunch break Regulars at Five Guys

disagreements per day The creative director is always right

hours in the bathroom  No comment  🙂

Richard SaadPresident and Creative Director

  • rsaad@become-remarkable.com
  • 514-690-7178

Caroline PelletierGeneral Manager and Account Director

  • cpelletier@become-remarkable.com
  • 514-824-1132